New Recipe: Waldorfesque Salad… breakfast of champions

20 Dec

My hundreds of searches for Paleo breakfasts always come up with delicious looking meals comprised of eggs, bacon, fritattas, omelettes – yummy stuff no doubt. But I have to admit that my weekday mornings just don’t leave me the luxury to cook and eat this kind of stuff and still get to work on time. I’m looking for quick, simple, preferably edible in my car. This is one of my solutions. It is based on Mark Sisson’s Quick and Easy Meal Book. I call it my Waldorfesque Salad.


Chicken breast





Lemon Juice


Cook chicken, chop veggies and fruit and mix together. Squeeze lemon juice over the top. Wollah 🙂

Such a great simple recipe that can be prepared the night before. Simply grab and go.


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