Argh!!! My first 100% Paleo Christmas with my very NON-paleo family

21 Dec

Hit the panic buttons right now!!! 

So this is the first Christmas being 100% Paleo. I am absolutely embracing the lifestyle but I know that my family are dead set against it. In fact they think it’s extremist and ridiculous. But alas, I see myself with two options:

1. To suck it up. I will embrace the next few days as a write-off. To simply enjoy the foods that are being offered, of course Paleo to the best of my ability but know that on the whole, most things are not going to be hitting the mark.


2. Defiantly stand my ground. I am quite prepared to bring lots of Paleo snacks, and cook my food separately to everyone else.

So I’ve decided to just suck it up. I know that on offer will be prawns and some fresh salads so there will be options for me. I can pass dessert and make sure I’m drinking water. I think that celebrating with family as a unit is part of the Christmas experience so a few days astray shouldn’t be too bad.

Just in case, I have packed an array of snacks and treats that I can grab if necessary (particularly helpful for when i’m driving the 9 hour journey there and back).

What I’ve packed:

  • My fruit & nut snack pack – walnuts, macadamia nuts, almonds, sultanas, dried apricots, dried apple.
  • Fruit – bananas, peaches, mangoes, apples
  • Veggies – carrot, cucumber, cherry tomatoes

I guess I’ll give some feedback when I get home in four days. Would love to hear what other people are  doing to stay Paleo over Christmas in their non-paleo world. xx


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