The Week Ahead: Fuel and Fitness

9 Jan

I’m a big fat planner and proud to admit it. Although my friends may disagree with you when I turn up late to parties usually with wet hair or no makeup. However, when it comes to putting together my training and meals I sit down every Sunday and put together my plan for how I will tackle the next week. I find this keeps me organised and makes it much easier to get things done.

So, in an effort to maintain full disclosure I have decided to publish my Fuel and Fitness plans for the following week. Usually these are scribbled in my notepad but I have typed it up. The formatting leaves quite a bit to be desired so hopefully I can come up with something a whole lot nicer for next week. But anyway, here it is. Fuel & Fitness Plan: 9 Jan – 15 Jan

The meals are all very flexible with specific ingredients depending on what is on sale and what I can grab at the local farmers markets on the weekend. Feel free to hit me with feedback or comments as this is a work in progress.

Time for bed now as I’m riding early in the morning 🙂 Enjoy x


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