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I’m moving….

16 Jan

Hi guys,


Unfortunately my computer has been having some trouble with the wordpress site so I have shifted my blog to Google. All the posts have been moved across so feel free to delete this one from your browsers and start using the new one.


Cheers x


New Recipe: Chilli Fish & Roast Veggie Salad

11 Jan

Usually, I like recipes that take a few minutes to cook. but every now and then I like to cook something that takes a little longer to prepare because the taste is amazing. This is one of those recipes. Still so easy, a child could make it, but make sure you have about an hour (including prep) before you plan on eating.



Basa Fillet


Lemon (squeeze juice)

Avocado Oil



Sweet Potato

Red Rascal Potato

Red Onion

Red Capsicum

Pine Nuts

More Spinach



1. Preheat oven to 180deg celsius. Dice the sweet potato, potato, capsicum, onion. Add the potato and sweet potato to a  roasting tray along with a few cloves of garlic. (I pop some baking paper on the tray to stop it sticking). Coat in avocado oil and cook for 20 minutes.

2. At the 20 minute mark, remove from oven. Add capsicum, red onion and pine nuts to tray coated in oil and put back in oven for another 20 minutes.

3. Meanwhile, grab some aluminium foil and line with spinach. Place fish on top (any white fish will work) Coat fish in a mixture of chilli, lemon juice and avocado oil. Close up foil, sit on a baking tray and place in oven for 15 minutes.

4. Veggies and fish should finish around the same time so remove from oven and serve. Veggies can be placed on a bed of spinach.


As I have upped my training significantly this week, I have added a small amount of potato to my diet as recommended by the Paleo Diet for athletes.

I used the juices from the fish as a dressing for the salad. The amount of chilli in the fish can be altered according to your preferences.

The Week Ahead: Fuel and Fitness

9 Jan

I’m a big fat planner and proud to admit it. Although my friends may disagree with you when I turn up late to parties usually with wet hair or no makeup. However, when it comes to putting together my training and meals I sit down every Sunday and put together my plan for how I will tackle the next week. I find this keeps me organised and makes it much easier to get things done.

So, in an effort to maintain full disclosure I have decided to publish my Fuel and Fitness plans for the following week. Usually these are scribbled in my notepad but I have typed it up. The formatting leaves quite a bit to be desired so hopefully I can come up with something a whole lot nicer for next week. But anyway, here it is. Fuel & Fitness Plan: 9 Jan – 15 Jan

The meals are all very flexible with specific ingredients depending on what is on sale and what I can grab at the local farmers markets on the weekend. Feel free to hit me with feedback or comments as this is a work in progress.

Time for bed now as I’m riding early in the morning 🙂 Enjoy x

New Recipe: Prawn Salad with Mango Chilli Sauce

2 Jan

So… I hope everyone has had a fantastic New Years Eve wherever they are in the world. I have had some of my closest friends visit me at my new home and so I have had the most wonderful few days sharing it with them.
Here is a great new recipe (if you can even call it that it’s so easy) that you can whip together in a few short minutes. Fantastic for Lazy Summer evenings after spending all day in the sun.

Peeled prawns
Spanish Onion

For Sauce:
2 Mangoes
1 clove garlic
1 teaspoon chopped chilli
½ teaspoon grated ginger

Place all ingredients for sauce in a blender and mix – if the mixture is too thick it can be thinned out with water. Pour sauce over the salad ingredients.

Feedback: This salad was just sublime. So easy to make and delicious. The blend of chilli and mango worked perfectly with this salad. There was plenty of leftover sauce so can be used again.

When even the best Paleo Plans go astray

27 Dec

I’m sure we have all been there at one point or another. Despite every effort to plan and organise a paleo meal, things just don’t go your way and you end up with some kind of take-away slop on your plate. So here is how my day went from a whole weeks worth of planned meals to eating noodles out of a box….

With Christmas out of the way it was time to head home. This morning I was feeling well rested and full of great new recipe ideas to try out. I was also armed with my new Cast Iron Wok that I purchased at the boxing day sales. I had an eight hour drive ahead of me. I decided to resist purchasing any food on the road – instead snacking on some nuts and a banana. I was pumped to try out my new orange chicken stir fry!!!

Alas, by the time I got home all of the supermarkets were closed. EVERYTHING was shut except for a McDonald’s and a noodle bar. I was heartbroken. I almost decided not to eat at all but having had no decent meal all day decided to purchase the chicken and ‘vegetable’ stirfry. See my picture and see if you can find any vegies 🙂 Anyway, after staying completely Paleo all through the last few days with so much temptation around me I am so dissapointed to have fallen short here.


So…. I pose a question to anybody reading this blog. What is your fail proof, never let you down, fall back meal that you can always rely on? I’m talking the Paleo equivalent of instant noodles. Hit me up with suggestions…

Argh!!! My first 100% Paleo Christmas with my very NON-paleo family

21 Dec

Hit the panic buttons right now!!! 

So this is the first Christmas being 100% Paleo. I am absolutely embracing the lifestyle but I know that my family are dead set against it. In fact they think it’s extremist and ridiculous. But alas, I see myself with two options:

1. To suck it up. I will embrace the next few days as a write-off. To simply enjoy the foods that are being offered, of course Paleo to the best of my ability but know that on the whole, most things are not going to be hitting the mark.


2. Defiantly stand my ground. I am quite prepared to bring lots of Paleo snacks, and cook my food separately to everyone else.

So I’ve decided to just suck it up. I know that on offer will be prawns and some fresh salads so there will be options for me. I can pass dessert and make sure I’m drinking water. I think that celebrating with family as a unit is part of the Christmas experience so a few days astray shouldn’t be too bad.

Just in case, I have packed an array of snacks and treats that I can grab if necessary (particularly helpful for when i’m driving the 9 hour journey there and back).

What I’ve packed:

  • My fruit & nut snack pack – walnuts, macadamia nuts, almonds, sultanas, dried apricots, dried apple.
  • Fruit – bananas, peaches, mangoes, apples
  • Veggies – carrot, cucumber, cherry tomatoes

I guess I’ll give some feedback when I get home in four days. Would love to hear what other people are  doing to stay Paleo over Christmas in their non-paleo world. xx

New Recipe: Chicken Salad

21 Dec

Decided to utilise some of the leftover salad from last nights dinner and add a bit of chicken breast for lunch. Pretty good I have to say.


Chicken (cooked in Garlic and ginger)






Sundried Tomatoes

I’m not really one for salad dressings. I found that the natural oils from the olives and sun dried tomatoes was enough for this salad, but you could also add a little avocado oil for good measure. A great easy summer salad that can be enjoyed warm or cold.